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What board game should I get?

Whether you're a long time board game player or new to the hobby, finding games that you will enjoy can be a challenge. Great board games are coming out constantly, but it can be difficult to track down exactly what you want. Board Games For Me aims to make it easy and fast to find games you'll love.

What do I need to do?

Just answer a few simple questions about what kind of board game you're looking for like game length, size of your gaming group, and player ages. After a few clicks you'll be shown a list of board game recommendations that match your needs.

But I want more power...

If the base questions aren't enough, you can also use our advanced filters to further narrow down your game choices. These filters can help experienced board game players refine their recommendations by game mechanics, theme, and other options so that you can find the perfect board game.

What does the future hold?

New filters, board games, and features are being worked on constatntly. If you have any recommendations, questions, or comments I'd love to hear from you!

Why isn't my board game available on your site?

Rather than putting up every board game immediately, I am taking my time to expand the database so that I can ensure the site's board game recommendations stay at a high quality. I'm planning on adding games at regular intervals, so I may get to your game in the future. If you think your board game would be a good fit for this site, email me and I'll check it out. I'm only one person, so I appreciate any suggestions you can pass along.

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