My Top Party Board Games

Whether planning the perfect holiday party or a simple, casual get-together, the classic appeal of party board games canʼt be beat. Not sure which game or games might suit your crowd? Board Games For Me is here to help!

Board games are great for all types of groups, whether itʼs family, friends, work associates, or even groups of various ages. A party board game can be a hit when a group of long-time friends get together for laughs or with a crowd at a Christmas party where an icebreaker helps acquaintances bond. These games are good for any occasion.

Moreover, itʼs easier to get the gang together when the game is quick and easy to learn, socially interactive, and inclusive. The goal is to have a good time, not focusing on complex strategies or rules. Laughter is the best measure for successful play. Above all, your games should encourage your crowd to engage in activities that are fun and/or funny.

Hereʼs my personal list of top party board games. Please let me know your comments, questions, or if you have any other choices that you feel should be on the list. Remember, spend more time playing games and less time finding them. Party on!


Price: $29.95
  • Telestrations "The Original" for 8 players is what got the party started!
  • Over 1,700 words, 8 erasable sketch books, 8 dry erase markers, 8 clean-up cloths
  • Perfect for families, small parties or friends; LOL fun for everyone!
  • Award Winning Party Game - great ice breaker
  • No Drawing Skills Required; Stick figures & sense of humor welcome!
The Resistance

Price: Unavailable
  • The Resistance redefines social deduction everyone plays till the end of the game
  • Your ability to lie to your friends and know when they are lying to you is critical to win
  • Not for the faint of heart, or slow of mind but if you are quick on your feet you'll be proud of your hard fought victories
  • 5 to 10 players, 30 minute playtime
  • Cover art may vary revised edition now includes updated card art and the "Inquisitor" expansion in place of "The Plot Thickens" cards
Wits & Wagers

Price: $34.99
  • Wits and Wagers, the game of guts and "guesstimates", is a fast-paced game that combines the most interesting elements of trivia with the excitement of gambling.
  • Players can win by making educated guesses or by having the guts to bet on the high-payout answers of their friends.
  • Whether it's the dramatic "all-in" question or the thrill of winning more chips, Wits and Wagers makes any gathering a party!
  • Ages 10+ | 3 - 7 players
Dixit: Journey

Price: $34.99
  • For 3 to 6 players
  • 40 minutes playtime, artwork that inspires many creative clues and hours of enjoyment by everyone
  • Contains 1 scoreboard, 84 new cards, 36 voting tokens in 6 different colors, numbered 1 to 6, 6 game pieces in 6 different colors
  • Features high quality cards, board and game pieces, game instructions that are clear and easy to understand
  • For even more options in the game play, mix in the cards from Dixit Odyssey or any of the other versions
7 Wonders

Price: $49.99$30.99 (38% off)
  • For 3 7 players
  • 30 minute playing time
  • Great strategy game
Word on the Street

Price: Unavailable
  • 2010 Mensa Favorite Brainy Games Winner
  • Ages 12 to adult
  • 2-8 players
  • 5 minutes to learn
  • Plays in under 30 minutes
  • Great family or party game
Backseat Drawing

Price: $24.99
  • The hysterical game of sketchy directions
  • Directors can only use shapes, locations, sizes and directions to describe how to draw the word on the card
  • Party game for 4-10 players
  • Includes English, French, Spanish and German on each card
  • Teaches direction giving and following, visual arts, teamwork and vocabulary
Say Anything

Price: $19.99$16.00 (20% off)
  • Say Anything is the hilarious "get to know you" party game about what you and your friends think.
  • What's the worst thing to say to a cop after being pulled over?" Be creative. Be outrageous. Be opinionated. This is your chance to say anything
  • How to Play: You read a question. Everyone else writes an answer. Secretly choose your favorite answer. Then everyone else tries to guess which one you picked!
  • Contents: 80 question cards, 8 dry-erase pens, 8 dry-erase boards, 1 Select-O-Matic 5000, 16 player tokens, 1 dry-erase score board, 1 full color rules
  • Winner of 30 awards!
  • A party game with no right or wrong answers - just personal opinions and creative responses.
  • The perfect game to play at parties with your friends.
  • Ages: 13+; Players: 3 - 8; Play Time: 30 minutes.
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